Dry Comal Creek Vineyards: Now Under New Ownership

Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, a New Braunfels winery and event venue announced today that the Romero Family from Fort Worth, TX has purchased the vineyard and winery. “We are incredibly excited to purchase a company with years of history and one of the original vineyards in Texas. We are confident that our commitment to excellence in producing amazing wine will help us carry on the legacy of quality the vineyard has had all these years.” said Ralph Romero, president and CEO.

In the 1970s, San Antonio attorney Franklin Houser and his wife, Bonnie, purchased 103 acres of land just outside of New Braunfels as a getaway home for their young family. The Dry Comal Creek was full of wild mustang grapes and dewberries. Dry Comal Creek Vineyards has been producing wine since 1998 and is considered the pioneer in Texas of Black Spanish wines, a consistent award winner and best seller. Other popular varieties produced include French Colombard, Comal Red and White Black Spanish VI® and Port. Current Wine production stands at approximately 10,500 cases per years.

The Romero Family hails from Fort Worth but due to their love of wine often found themselves driving south to the Hill Country to vacation and enjoy various vineries. “We fell in love with the area, the city of New Braunfels, the people, the community, as well as the property. We truly felt a sense of home every time we vacationed the New Braunfels area making our leaving more difficult every visit. When the opportunity arose to purchase, we immediately knew Dry Comal Creek Vineyards was the perfect fit for us.” said Mr. Romero.

The Romero family is extremely grateful for the opportunity to acquire Dry Comal Creek from the Housers and will continue to be a family owned and operated company dedicated to producing top quality wines. Although this deal denotes an important change for Dry Comal Creek, our customers should rest assured that the fundamental principles that make the brand and property so unique will not be compromised. Much of the company’s success is with longtime winemaker, Joe Donnow, whom will continue to focus on making memorable and great wines that our customers enjoy. The winery promises exciting new changes; however, we’ll be expanding our product offering to meet the progression of the wine industry,” said Romero.

To learn more about the purchase, expansion plans or have press questions, contact Clarisa DeSanto at or visit the website at www.drycomalcreek.com.


Allie Sisoian